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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 29, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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right now at 11:00, remembers the first b.a.r.t. police officer killed in the line of duty. we're live as thousands gather for sergeant smith's funeral. not quite a winter wonderland in the deep south. a snowstorm causes pile ups and thousands of students have to stay at school overnight. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> a somber morning this morning for law enforcement in the bay area. right now they're paying their final respects to a b.a.r.t. police officer who was killed on
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the job. christie smith is there live where the funeral is on going. >> right now it is standing room only inside as thousands of police officers are here from across the country. they were here at early as 6:30 in the morning. when the hearse arrived an hour ago, it was absolute silence except for the sound of the bagpipes, and there was tears for tom smith, a casket draped in an american flag, it was carried in by pallbearers, two of them his brothers were were also in law enforcement. smith was accidentally shot and killed during the search of a man suspected in robberies. we spoke with officers and neighbors here in castro valley attending today heart broken by the loss. >> we're a family.
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when one of his hurts, we all hurt. >> it's the way it happened, i guess. usually it's a bad guy. this time, it's different. it is heard breaking because of the way it happened, you know. usually it's a bad guy does it, but this time it is a little different. >> it's sad, but it's a moment that we all have to take in, because you never want to see this. >> officers here from as far away as boston and texas and dozens of police dogs out here this morning as smith was once a k-9 officer. after the service, the chp was going to do a fly over presentation, but we're told because of the overcast, it is unclear if that will happen or not. the service expected to go on maybe another 30 minutes or so. one of the things they do in these very sad circumstances, as they're do today, firefighters
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hanging the american flag, and the limos, hearse, and well wishers did today. all right, christie, thank you. be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage of sergeant smith's funeral on air and online. golden gate park is safe from pit bulls this morning officers caught one of the loose pit bulls a few hours ago. one of two dogs on the laos, the other was shot and killed by police. it happened overnight. police say the dog's owner left his two dogs with a friend to run ann er rand. the friend was then attacked. >> this one guy had a backpack. it was between he and the dog,
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and the guy was just trying to get away. >> animal control found the remaining pit bull involved in the attack just a few hours ago. happening now, crews in san jose say it will be another hour before they have a gas leak capped. you're looking at a live picture this morning. a construction crew broke the two inch natural gas line this morning. this neighborhood is evacuated as a precaution, otherwise nobody is hurt. the city of atlanta is working to clear highways where thousands were stranded overnight in the snow. school children were unable to get home in the snowstorm. chris is in north carolina today which is also dealing with the storm. >> southern discomfort in a area not equipped for heavy snow. snow brought atlanta to a
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virtual stand still. abandoned cars and trucks littered the highways and the national guard has been called in to help. >> they were treacherous, especially go over the bridge. there was trailer trucks jackknifed. >> i didn't have control of my car any longer. i pulled over, i thought i would just tough it out. >> she did tough it out throughout the night until her son was able to reach her this morning. >> i'm glad she is okay. it will be a trek getting back home but at least we're together. >> this is the scene playing out all over atlanta and the south. school kids unable to get home in the school districts were forced to shelter in place during the night. >> we're in contact with parents and the central office to make sure that everyone gets home safely. >> the mayor of atlanta is on the defensive over his city's
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response. >> our focus right now is to assist in any way with getting our freeways cleared. now the city and the region studies to get back to normal. freezing temperatures forecast again tonight meaning there will be one more day of dealing with this storm. in charleston, south carolina. rain is headed our way, a live look at san jose why clouds seem to signal an impending storm. christina loren, how much rain might we get? >> maybe over an inch in higher elevations. it's looking today goo. good afternoon to you and peggy. as you can see the showers are not waiting for lunch, their breaching the sonoma county line. i'm going to time out this system as it moves. we're just about an hour, maybe an hour and a half away. it's about a 1:38 p.m. arrival
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in vallejo. the longer it lingers the better off we are because that means more rain it will dump over the bay area. now to the north, 6:00 p.m. to midnight, all of that shower activity. as we head throughout midnight to 0u6 0 a.m. tomorrow morning. i'm going to show you how this works on a map and give you an idea of how much rain we're expecting. right now, back to you scott and peggy. >> we certainly hope it dumps a lot. two million people are being asked to cut back t water usage this morning. the santa clara water district is asking people to cut back by about 10%. they're offing rebates to people who up grade their appliances.
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they want a firmer prediction of water flies before making the questi request. they say customers are using 17% less than in 2007. state senators approved a rule that would change the way toy and replica guns are made. they will be required to be manufactured to look very different from guns that fire actual bullets. no more replicas. voting on the bill was moved up after the deadly shooting of andy lopez in santa rosa. fresh out of the state of the union speech, president obama is on the road today promoting a higher minimum wage and retirement security. danielle lee is n washington
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with more. employees at this costco in maryland make much more than minimum became. it's why president obama is visiting them. >> treating workers well is not just the right thing to do, it's an investment. >> the president is on a two day were four state trip, expanding on the state of the union. and his action plan to increase opportunities for all americans. a task he said will require teamwork in washington. >> inside the house, action is already under way. lawmakers passed a compromised farm bill. and where congress can't agree, the president says he will work around them. republicans say they want to make washington work better too,
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but they disagree with the president on taxes. specifically raising the minimum wage. >> we don't want to make it harder for people to hire people, we want to help get people into the workforce. >> they argue the economic agenda means fewer options, not more. >> president obama is visiting a steel plant in pennsylvania today, he is unveiling a new retire program. the former stanford star, allegedly bullied in the nfl, speaking out for the first time, we'll hear from jonathan martin coming up next. and your phone may be giving away information you don't want others to know. a live look at at minute t park. fans in the seats this morning. why they're at the stadium despite no baseball for months.
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the nfl season draws to a close this sunday with of course the big super bowl. but questions remain over allegations of bullying that led to a member of the miami dolphins to leave mississippi season. >> now jonathan martin is breaking his silence. >> tell me the first thing that happened that caused you to feel uncomfortab uncomfortable. >> comments of a racial nature. aggressive, sexual comments related to my sister and mother. i have spoken to teammates in other locker rooms across the nfl, and i said is this normal? and the consensus was this is not normal. >> a lot of what i'm hearing centers around richie incognito. was it one individual or more than one?
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>> more than one. it was a culture. offensive line men are like a brotherhood. >> it started your rookie year, and did you feel like you were singled out? do you think you got it more? >> other people got it too. i can't say why i may have gotten more, there is normal hazing in the nfl. you get a haircut, stuff like that, little pranks. but of a personal attacking nature, i don't think there is any place for that. >> did you talk to anybody before you started your second year? >> i did mention, and the organization knew they was struggling. >> who did you talk to? >> i had conversations with my coaches. i didn't get into specifics. you're not supposed to, "snitch"
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on teammates. i would talk to coaches about my teammates. >> you say there was no one specific incident, but at some point you started thinking about leaving the team. tell me what lead up to that. >> it was extending past my rookie season, and i had to remove myself for my own health. >> did you ever talk to coach philbin. >> i did not. i tried to become friends. i looked at myself and what am i doing wrong. >> i see the stories of the text messages going back and forth, they seem friendly. is that not the sign of friendship? >> it is, like i said, i was trying with all of my being to do whatever i could. to be a member of this culture
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and of our unit as an offensive line. >> have you talked to anyone from the dolphins since you left? >> no. >> what are you looking for in the next situation? what will be different for you so it doesn't end up like to did in miami. >> i understand the opportunities in the nfl are fleeting. i hope that i get another opportunity. >> do you think you're ready to come back into this environment? >> i don't think there is in question. >> how can you assure me? >> i'm looking into your eyes, and i'm telling you i would be ready. >> for more go to and search jonathan martin. we're months away from baseball but there are fans at at&t park. >> 1200 fans are taking part in filming commercials for the
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giants. they will continue through tomorrow and friday. the excitement continues on saturday when the giants hold their annual fan fest, free to the public. the commercials being shot right now will air throughout the entire 2014 season. gear up for baseball. >> strangers may be able to track your exact location. certain as on your smart phone use technology called geotagging for services but it can reveal your location as well. josh green tells you what to look out for. >> funny what you can find out about a stranger these days. we can see everyone who had geotagging turned on and posted things to their social media page. on twitter he wrote he was about to eat chicken and waffles. little did he know imbedded in that innocent message was his
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exact location. 18th street north and central hea avenue. >> when it comes to tweeting, travis is pretty much a pro, more than 1700 tweets. >> did you know? >> no. i think you just want to know you have control over it, really. you don't want it tracking where you're going, popping in into restaurants while you're eating. saying i know who you are. >> the gps is pretty accurate to about 15 feet. >> kelly teaches at the school of mass communications. it is often big topics of discussion in the classroom. >> a lot of people do not realize how much information they're putting out there about themselves. it can be used to find out where they are and where they're not. >> he says he will probably still use it for work, but the
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chicken and waffle geotags will probably be turned off from now on. >> i know the world is connected today, but maybe you just want to go about your day. people know where you are and it's kind of freaky. that was josh greene reporting. the best way is check the settings on your phone. tumble weeds are taking over a small city in next been look at what happened after a storm covered threm into down. they will be smashed down and then put in a landfill. let's check in with christina loren. no tumble weeds, in fact, a lot of moisture. >> yes, the extreme opposite of what we have opinion getting.
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we're very excited about it. i can tell you right now this is looking very promising. now reporting four tenths of an inch already and we're just starting. so we really need this and it's looking really good. better is definitely more in this situation. the shower rs are pushing into sonoma county. and as we go into the next few hours it will get more and more active. as we head throughout the day today, highs will be able to climb towards averages and above. san francisco 60 degrees. look at this, the fog, the drizzle, it is definitely circulating across the area. you want to travel cautiously and we're just getting this thing started. look at this. a little bit of moderate rainfall coming down just to the east of santa rosa. it progresses throughout 7:00
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p.m. keep this thing running. top it again at 2:00 a.m. and this is what we really need, deep rich green. this is an indication of potentially half an inch of rainfall and a quarter inch on the valley floor. then it blows out of here. not before accumulating decent totals. the north bay will see the most, up the coastline as well. we could pick up half an inch to three quarters of an inch of much needed rainfall. tahoe needs two or maybe even three feet of fresh powder. we will have a live report for you as we meet tomorrow morning. we'll keep you updated, but this is exactly what we need to see at this point. >> thank you, still to come, padded hats for pitchers. will they actually wear them?
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major league baseball is taking a major step forward to protect their pitchers. they have approved a padded cap for players. it's meant to protect them from hits. brandon mccarthy says he is not going to wear it. he was hit in 2012, and he had emergency surgery. he says the cap is too big, and other players say they will not wear them either unless the league makes it mandatory. >> deputy commissioner bill daley says if there is a significant security breach between now and when the games
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start, nhl players will not attend. >> if you prefer puppies over players, listen up. >> we'll tell you what you can do instead of watching the super bo bowl. or how to find big savingsdeals on the things you need.
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if the super bowl is not your thing, how about the puppy bowl. >> some of this year's event are trained by the most experienced. they recently stopped by the white house. there you see the first lady right there in the middle for last minute pointers. every puppy appearing in animal planets puppy bowl is in need of a good home. >> they sort of did it as a joke one year, but look at all of those cute pups out there. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> have a great day.
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[exhales] [knock on door] hey, i wanted to come say merry christmas before we all leave for the break. oh, thank you, lemon. that's very thoughtful. help yourself to a gift. oh, wow. it's our new handheld photo scanner/paper shredder. [shredder whirrs] oh, well, won't people just end up shredding their photos? well, no, no, it's very easy to use. if you want to photo-scan, you flip the switch to p.s. and if you want to paper shred, you flip the switch to-- oh. i'd like to make an announcement! [all cheering] i just want to say that i'm really sorry for whatever i'm going to do at the party tonight. and i forgive all of you in advance for leaving me passed out by the elevator in my own gravy. merry ludachristmas, everyone! are you gonna do horny santa again, frank? that was so funny last year when i sat on your lap. yes, funny. so big plans for the holidays?


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